Scar of the sea

Winemaker: mickey giugni

Michael and Mikey met while Mikey was in his final years of college at Cal Poly.  They became friends based on their shared interest and fascination in wine and the ocean. Mikey started to work for Michael while he was the winemaker at Kenneth Volk Vineyards, learning from both him and Ken as much as he could. Under Michael's advice Mikey decided to go to the Southern Hemisphere to continue to make wine during the California winter and spring. Mikey chose Tasmania due to his passion for sparkling wines and pinot noir along with its proximity to the ocean. 

When Mikey returned home to the central coast, he told Michael about his trip. Emphasizing on his love for the beauty of “Tassie” and for his new fondness of Apple wine or as we call it “hard cider”. They discussed how they wanted to begin making Pinot Noir and Chardonnay from the Central Coast, convinced that they could craft something uniquely special.  Starting small and retaining focus on making the best wines possible from what both consider world class vineyards was their key mantra.