Liquid Farm


Winemaker: James Sparks

Liquid Farm was founded in 2009 by Jeff Nelson and quickly garnered a "cult" status for their Chardonnays. In 2011 they branched out beyond Chardonnay to produce a Bandol-inspired Rose. Using primarily Mourvedre, this wine is earthy and floral with low-alcohol and crisp acid. Winemaker, James Sparks, has intimate knowledge of the vineyard and the uncanny ability to harvest these blocks at the perfect time every year. The grapes are pressed as soon as they arrive to the winery and fermentation is completed in neutral oak barrels. After a brief time in wood, the wine is transferred to stainless steel where it further develops it character over the next few months. 6 months after the grapes are harvested, the wine is bottled and released shortly thereafter. It is always quickly sold-out and some of the nation's top Sommelier's have endearingly nicknamed it "pink crack". "